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A Device that Grabs Data From Your Cellphone

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Cellphone has become a pervasive communication tool for both good and bad purposes.

Law enforcement has commissioned a new electronic capture device, surveillance, and intelligence operations called the Cellular Seizure Investigation Stick, or CSI Stick, unfortunately it is also available to the public. It is manufactured by a company called Paraben, and is a self-contained module about the size of a BIC lighter. It plugs directly into most Motorola and Samsung cell phones to capture all data that they contain. More phones will be added to the list, including many from Nokia, RIM, LG and others, in the next generation, to be released shortly.

When you connect the device to the data/charging port, it sucks data from the phone such emails, instant messages, call log, etc…no trace will be left behind that the information has been compromised, nor any risk of corruption.

so next time, think it twice when you give your phone to somebody even for short time.

source [CNET News]

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