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HP Mini 1001TU

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The HP Mini 2133 was one of the most stylish not-quite-netbooks we saw last year. It was one of the few that looked like a real notebook, but at the time we bemoaned the inclusion of Vista.

So it’s pleasing to note that the new Mini includes XP Home as the installed operating system. Microsoft’s XP licensing deal means that as a result the RAM in the Mini 1001TU is reduced to 1GB, rather than the 2133’s 2GB, but XP with 1GB performs better than Vista with 2GB, as our recent RAM performance tests showed.

While we benchmark all the netbooks and notebooks that come through our labs, we’ve found amazing consistency for the Atom N270 processor. Even so, the HP Mini rates on the higher side of performance.

It’s score of 0.41 is better than the other nbetbooks we’ve seen bearing this processor – The Eee PC 901 scored .39, for example, and the Wind 0.38. But it’s not in performance that the HP Mini stands out.

Instead, it’s style and usability where HP has focused its efforts. The lid has a silver spiraling pattern across the piano black surface, making it the most attractive netbook we’ve seen.

The Mini-note 2133 had a beautifully stylish silver keyboard, and the only way in which the 1000 is inferior is in colour – the keys are ... [Read full story]

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Zelco Outi Bone-Conducting Headphones

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These new and a bit strange headphones are actually quite cool in the way they function and especially the sound quality they provide. Outi earphones clip comfortably and securely outside the ears, providing comfortable and quite nice new look and feel. The headphones work by transmitting vibrations through the skin and cartilage (bone-conducting technology), they create a dynamic new sensual, surround sound that doesn’t just let you watch a movie or listen to your favorite music on the go, it lets you be a part of it. And because these headphones are not inserted into the ear, they avoid damaging the listener’s hearing as past generations of earphones have done…

Outi earphones plug into any MP3, iPod, portable CD and DVD player, most cell phones, gaming systems, radios or any other audio/visual device with a standard 3.5mm jack. The kit includes: Outi amplifier with 4-step switch (off/low/medium/high) to control vibration output, a clip to attach amplifier to clothing or bag/backpack, USB cable for charging, AC adapter and a storage pouch. It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge the built-in lithium-ion battery inside the headphones. When fully charged these headphones will provide 6-8 hours of continuous listening pleasure…

You can get the Zelco Outi Bone-Conducting headphones for $99.99

- To order these high-tech bone-conducting headphones…

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FiiO E5 Portable Headphones Amplifier

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The Fiio E5 portable headphone amplifier is probably the world’s smallest headphone amplifier that is designed to improve not only the volume, but also the sound quality of almost any digital audio player such as a MP3 or MP4 Player, Mobile Phone, Laptop, or just about any other portable music device. It is an upgraded model of the Fiio E3 Headphone Amplifier which is already very popular around the world because of it’s great results and very affordable price. And the best of all is that the new E5 not only retains all the features of the E3, but also manages to improve on all the drawbacks that the previous model had. So if you want to use a higher quality headphones with your portable music device than the ones you got it with you probably have to check out the Fiio E5 and the benefits that this portable and inexpensive device can provide in order to boost the volume and improve the bass performance…

The Fiio E5 portable headphones amplifier comes in a very small case that has a clip on it’s back so you can easily... [ Read the rest of the story ]

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