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sony unveils party shot, an automatic photographer.

Sony has announced the Party-shot personal photographer, an automated photo-taking cradle. The device uses the DSC-WX1 and DSC-TX1's face- and smile detection functions to detect photo opportunities in social environments. The Party-shot sits on a table or tripod and tilts and pans to locate and follow potential subjects. It will also recompose its shots based on the rule-of-thirds.

Key Features:

  • Automatic
    Snaps pictures at an event - automatically.
  • Intelligent
    Intelligently searches and tilts to follow subjects and take photos.
  • Dual Shooting Modes
    Smile ShutterTM technology automatically detects smiles and Face Detection technology recognizes faces to take photos at the right moment.
  • Composition
    Intelligent composition uses the rule of thirds to compose great shots.
  • Motion Detection
    Motion detection seeks out movement to take photos at the right moment.
  • Customize
    With one touch of the Menu button, you can set the Rotation Angle, Shooting Frequency, and Flash.
  • Flexible Power
    Power up your Party-shot with either two AA alkaline batteries, or with the AC adaptor (AC-LS5 or ACS5K), sold separately and not included.
full review [dpreview]

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