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Samsung unveil a solar powered phone, earth friendly

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* Blue Earth is the world’s first solar-powered touchscreen handset.
* The “Blue Earth” phone is equipped with a solar panel located on the back of the handset’s battery, with a 10-minute charge from the solar panel would allow a user to make a call for three minutes
* While the panel will extend time between recharges it will not replace conventional charging altogether.
* Made from PCM, a recycled plastic from water bottles, the phone boast an “eco” mode for efficiently adjusting screen brightness, backlight duration and Bluetooth usage.
* An “eco walk” app / built-in pedometer to tell you how much CO2 emission you’ve saved by walking instead of driving.
* Detailed technical specs, pricing or release dates are unknown yet.

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Jayce said...
February 25, 2009 at 7:34 PM  

Yeah... Let keep our earth a better place to live. :)

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