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Subtitle Downloader

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you do enjoy watching DVDs on your PC, what about those other formats that you download and doesn't have any subtitles.
believe me for some time i tried to search for subtitles manually which i found very frustrating that you cant find the exact match for you video and end up with the text delayed or too early in the scenes, might even try edit the text contained in the subtitle file to sync it with the video. Here's your best solution which is really easy to download and use.

the best thing about this application is that no matter what name you give to your video, It uses a special hash function to identify the video file and search them into a online server which gives the subtitles. not to mention the variety of languages you get depending your video.


all you'll need to do is to upload your video into the application and in a matter of seconds it search's for subtitles in different languages with ratings to choose from. enjoy :)

[Download SubDowlaoder]

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