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proton, another side

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here's some proton cars that we might have not hear about yet.

1. introducing the the new proton Gen2 CamPro CPS. proton claims it has the lotus ride handling. or is it just a new shaped Gen2? another version of the CPS engine is integrated into Proton Waja as well.

The interior gets a redesign, adopting the Persona’s interior featuring a redesigned dashboard without the odd clock in the middle and gaining a glovebox. The door trim is all-new, also from the Persona, and features power window switches on the door arm rest instead of in the middle of the two front seats. The highline version gets leather seats and an interior with some black and red trim. It also gets Dual SRS Airbags, ABS brakes, and EBD, while the medium line version only gets a driver’s airbag. Something new for the GEN2 and cars in this segment is Automatic Cruise Control, available on the high-line version.

2. Proton Perdana is to be replacing the aging perdana by a new model based on Mitsubishi 380, or a Volkswagen Passat.

3. here comes the most interesting part, Proton has concept cars, yes thats a fact which i havent believe till i've seen these pictures, they devolped a car based on lotus and its called Proton PM5 Concept, you might want to take a look as there is inst much details about it ..

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