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How to download files using torrents?

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i was with a friend the other day who needed to get a software, i suggested to him that he downloads it from the internet using torrents, as it's available and free. but apparently he didn't know what i was talking about. wasn't the only person. so i thought of why not making a simple introductory tutorial, and i hope it helps.

1. First, you'll need to download and install one of the many torrent client softwares available on the internet such as BitTorrent or Azureus .. etc. for this tutorial im going to refer to Azureus as it's what im currently using

2. after having it successfully installed, run the program and leave it. As most of the time it might be running in the background. (make sure it's not blocked by your windows or any firewall)

3. at this step you're ready to download, usually you can't search for files using the software itself, and you'll need to go to one of many torrents websites such as torrentspy, isohunt, mininova... and search for the file you want.

4. upon finding the file, what you have to look for is 2 things, seeders and leaches. Seeders are the people who had the file completed on their PC, and leaches are those who are still downloading. and of course the bigger the number of people downloading the faster you can download.

5. if you choose a file with a high number of downloaders, find the downloading link and press it. wait for a few seconds (if promoted to open using a software, choose the torrents client you have installed)

now you can enjoy downloading files as large as you want. for advanced users you can create your own torrents files and upload them to the internet.

What's torrents share anyway?
A popular file sharing service developed by Bram Cohen that prevents people from downloading constantly unless they are willing to share in the overall transmission load on the network. Instead of downloading an entire file, BitTorrent breaks a file into chunks and distributes them among several participating users.

What's the difference between other P2P share and torrents?
When you download a "torrent," you are also uploading it to another user. BitTorrent balances the load because broadband download and upload speeds are not the same. Users download files faster than they can upload them, which makes them less interested in sharing bandwidth to upload to someone else. BitTorrent ensures every user participates in uploading. and for downloading you don't have to wait to get it from sources who have completed the entire file, torrents helps you to download from people who haven't complete downloading.

Note: download at your own risk, the publisher is not responsible for any damages caused by downloading or viruses, or any copyrights issues.

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