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Schedule incoming phone calls

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I'll introduce you to two kinds of services where they'll call you on your cell phone any time you choose instantly.

If you've ever felt left out in a room full of people talking into their cell phones instead of to each other? The Popularity Dialer schedules recordings to call your cell phone at a predetermined time to give the impression that you too are "in demand."

The recordings are hilarious - and pretty realistic! - one-sided conversations with a male or female "friend" or your "boss" timed just so that you'd respond in kind. Ok fine, we're not suggesting that you actually use this to seem more popular, but it could be just the thing to escape a bad date or drawn-out meeting.
get it at [The Popularity Dialer] [via kottke.org]

another similar service is provided by PhoneMyPhone, it helps you find your lost cell phone, if lets say you've misplaced your cell phone around the house and don't have another phone on hand to call it up to locate it? Give your number to web site PhoneMyPhone and they'll instantly ring you up. Aside from instant calling to locate your phone, PhoneMyPhone will also schedule phone calls at specific times, similar to previously mentioned Popularity Dialer, to get you out of that boring meeting or awful date if you need it. As for sounding off the ring when you misplace your phone—it may not get a pizza to your door like Google Maps used to, but the easy-to-remember PhoneMyPhone should ensure a quick recovery from the recesses of your couch cushions.
get it at [PhoneMyPhone]

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