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A man who grew back his finger tip

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Mr. Spievak, lost about half an inch of his finger down to the bone, and managed to grow back. How's that? here's the remarkable part, it wasn't a transplant, he used a powder - or pixie dust as he sometimes refers to it while telling his story. and within ten days he was able to see it growing. Not so long after it was a completely healthy finger with the bone, nail and a finger print all present. The dust which comes from the University of Pittsburgh.
so where does the magical powder comes from? The process he has been pioneering over the last few years involves scraping the cells from the lining of a pig's bladder. Well, it's still in clinical trial, and they're hoping for it to help more people such those who suffer skin burns for example. you can read more about at the following link, there's a video and viewers discretion is advised

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