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Best Flash Games of 2008

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happy new year to all, this would be the first post for this year, hope you have fun playing these games.

The list of top 10 games is below.

1. Bloons, created by Ninja Kiwi. A monkey and some darts versus an army of balloons.
2. Hotel Online, created by Realore Studios. Hotel management action game: keep your guests happy with room service, coffee, etc. or lose popularity.
3. Bubble Struggle 2, created by Krešimir Cvitanović. Can one heroic piglet with a speargun defeat waves of falling balls?
4. Papa’s Pizzeria, created by Flipline Studios. Baking action: make money by cooking your pies on time with the right ingredients.
5. Fancy Pants Adventures 2, created by Borne Games. Cool platformer action with appealing visuals and stick-drawing animation — and my personal favorite from this list.
6. Tower Bloxx, created by Digital Chocolate. Another fave: construct a city of skyscrapers by dropping ready-made floors from cranes, but beware wobbly towers.
7. Cube Crash, created by Ocean Breeze Games. Score points by scooping up connecting rows of like-colored cubes.
8. Bricks Breaking, created by Novel Games, distributed by MindJolt Games. Near identical to Cube Crash (above), just less visually attractive.
9. Paris Oh Paris, created by Shaun’s Flights. Possibly NSFW (and definitely cheesy), toss greasy food at the famously annoying, underfed celebrity.
10. Stunt Dirt Bike, created by YouGame.com. Jump cars and other obstacles with your dirt bike in this 2-D side-scrolling game.

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free flash games are great! said...
January 14, 2013 at 10:30 AM  

I know the guy who made the free flash game Paris Oh Paris hahaha, cool, I love free flash games, especially involving famous characters like naruto and pokemon

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