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35mm Slide & Negative Digital Converter

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negative converter

a pretty handful tool for film photographers, cutting down cost on prints, instead you can simply scan it to your PC and view it any time you want, not mention digital photos are much easier to store. follwing the website's review

Are you the one cracking the technological whip in your family? We know the story... you got Grandma a digital photo frame for her birthday and want to load it with pictures... only to find out that she didn't realize cameras now feature "that newfangled digital thing" and all the photos she likes are in slide format... or worse, 35mm negatives. Well now you can bring your relatives kicking and screaming into the digital age with this handy 35mm Slide & Negative Digital Converter. Take 35mm Slides or Negatives and scan them at up to 1,829 DPI for easy conversion to Jpeg or whatever digital image format strikes your fancy. This handy scanner connects with USB and comes with easy to use Windows software for editing, cropping and resizing photos. So please make Grandma do some work converting her old photos from 20 years of church bingo. Link

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