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Actress/DJ Michelle Rodriguez might man the decks in KL

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Yep, you heard us right; sources tell us actress/DJ Michelle Rodriguez might be coming to town!

She's known as the 'Fast & Furious' actress and recently appeared in 'World Invasion: Battle LA', now you might be able to see her in flesh. Yep, sources tell us that the one and only Michelle Rodriguez will be spinning in a new club called, Lust, in KL on 29 April. according to (msnbuzz)

more pictures after the jumnp

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Video: world’s narrowest garage

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If you're an estate agent, you must give the man in this YouTube video a job. Immediately. Watch how he turns what can best be described as an ‘alleyway' into an ‘ample garage' with expert judgement and much comedy.

Then flick through the video and prepare to giggle as he exits his vehicle and steps directly into his living room, adding literally four pounds to the value of his house. People would pay millions for that convenience in central London.

If you've parked in a tighter spot without scraping your doors on brickwork, we'd like to hear about it. Post your comments below, please.

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For the laughs

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2012 movies Trailer HD

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Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments. A global cataclysm brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

for Malaysian viewers, you could get you're tickets now at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC)

have fun...

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Installing Garmin mobile XT into Nokia E71 and 6110

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after a long and extensive search over the internet for a suitable GPS application that provides turn-by-turn navigation, i've finally settled with Garmin Mobile XT, in order for it to work you'll need a phone with a built in GPS, or at least a stand-alone bluetooth GPS receiver.

it should work with almost any GPS enabled nokia, and with the latest GPS-enabled smartphones and Palm Treo, Samsung Blackjack, Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash and more.

WARNING: first off all please back up all you're phone data, and memory card before you proceed any further, i had to learn the hard way.

Here’s how to install Garmin Mobile XT on your Nokia:

1. Download to your computer the Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Ver. 5.00.10 from this link.

2. Download to your computer Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap, Ver. 4.xx.xx from this link.

3. Download to your computer Garmin Mobile XT Support Files, Ver. 4.xx.xx from this link.

4. Download GM-MySInMXT.exe from this link. (these are Malaysia and Singapore maps set, you have to be registered before you could access the site) (or you could alternatively search for other maps)

5. Connect your Nokia (via memory storage) or memory disk to your computer and make sure it’s detected by your computer. i find it more convenient to connect it through a memory card reader.

6. Now, run the recently downloaded files on the computer, one after another (just by double clicking), in this order:

  1. v4.xx.xxx Support File,
  2. v4.xx.xxx Basemap File
  3. GMXT v5.00.10
  4. Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60

When prompted to choose storage space, always choose the phone’s memory (or memory card).

7. Disconnect phone memory from computer. It’s time to configure Garmin on your phone. Go to your phone’s File Manager >Garmin >Applications >Symbian >RES >GarminMobileXT.sis and install the .sis

If you can’t find GarminMobileXT.sis, check the root directory, it should be there. Install the .sis as per normal. (if still not found just search in the folder)

8. After that, in your phone go to Applications> run Garmin Mobile XT. It won’t connect to GPS satelite yet, so just ignore it.

9. You should have received your device unlock code from the manufacturer of Garmin, however if you haven’t, there are instructions on the Internet to guide you on how to get yours ;)

10. Copy the device unlock code and paste it in a notepad, then save the file as SW.UNL

11. Reconnect your phone/memory to your computer.

12. Copy the SW.UNL file into this phone directory \Garmin\

13. Then, run GM-MySInMXT.exe, and copy gmapsupp.img into \Garmin\

14. Disconnect your phone from your computer.

15. Go to Applications >Garmin Mobile XT >Settings >System >Remote GPS >Select ‘Use Attached/Built-in GPS’ >Enable and it’s all done.

16. Wait for satellite signal to strengthen and then you can start navigating around various places with confidence!


>this method was installed successfully on Nokia 6110 navigator and also Nokia E71.

>Garmin Mobile XT was preferred as there's no charge for viewing the maps once you download them into your phone you'll have FREE navigation, or at least for Malaysia.

>i tried to install Middle East maps as well, but you'll need to find the maps and download them following the same method.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any damages to your phone or any loss of data during the installation, I'm only sharing my experience with you, so please use it responsibly.

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